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Nokia hasn't made a big deal out of the orphan OS on the N9 - only geeks care about operating systems, right?

Nokia 9.1 PureView: Name and release date

You care about the OS on your mobile because it forms the foundation for the ecosystem of applications and services that give create value. I found myself irresistibly drawn back to my ancient iPhone because it was difficult to live without TripView, the best smartphone app for users of Sydney's public transport.

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And given Nokia's lack of support for MeeGo, I doubt the developer will invest the time to port the app. Without support, there is no ecosystem. As much as the N9 is the best phone - from a geek's perspective - that I've ever owned, it's also a dead end.

Key features

Last week a researcher named Trevor Eckhart published the results of research he'd been performing on Android-based mobiles. These mobiles integrated a piece of software provided by software developer Carrier IQ.

Carrier IQ had never been very specific about what their software did, other than that it provided statistics which mobile carriers used to improve their service. Eckhart revealed that Carrier IQ monitored all of the handsets usage - what you text to whom and when, what websites get visited, etc.

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In effect, with Carrier IQ installed, your carrier gets a peek over your shoulder at everything you do with your mobile. A huge furor erupted within the technology community as it became clear that Android mobiles had, in essence, been spying on them.

What the Nokia 8/9 Pure View Spy App can do for you?

Devices that people use in commercial confidence - and under a presumption of security - have been subject to a virtual wiretap. Over one hundred and forty million smartphones have Carrier IQ's monitoring software installed on them - and not just Android devices. Should that news reassure anyone? Should we trust Apple - which was caught out earlier this year keeping a record of locations where iOS devices had traveled?

Can we trust anyone? We have no choice. We must trust carriers and handset manufacturers, because we don't have capability to learn the truth for ourselves. I can't perform a line-by-line inspection of the source code for iOS - that's Apple's crown jewel and closely-guarded trade secret.

Demo of Nokia 9 Pureview camera #MWC19

I can inspect Google's Android - but only the version they release publicly, which may not look much like what the carrier has slapped onto my mobile. Without transparency there is no basis for trust. Which brings us back to MeeGo. For the first time, I can inspect every line of code running on my mobile - it's all available online.

If I find something that I suspect might endanger my privacy, I can substitute my own programs, ones which I know are secure. I can guarantee that my N9 can not be turned against me, something that I can't promise for any other mobile. Were I in a profession that depended on my ability to keep secrets - the law, or medicine - I would insist my peers used N9s. The same holds true for businesses which need to keep commercial confidences.

Only when things are open can they be secured.

Nokia 8/9 PureView Spy App - Top Android Spy App for Nokia

Open source is the only protection against prying eyes. I'm holding onto my N9. Not only is a great mobile, it's the only mobile I've ever owned that I know I can trust. That means a lot now, and it will come to mean more, as we learn what kinds of mischief can be made with the secrets we fail to secure. Whether Nokia can get his place? We wait and see. The tracking app market being chaotic, buyers are very cautious. Today I will share a best Android spy app with any smartphone user, let you spy on Nokia mobile without any problem.

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