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Reduce distraction. Improve sleep deprivation. Talking to your child about spying on their messages can be awkward. So how should you go about having this all important conversation?

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Here are our top tips to make the talk go smoothly. Though children these days are well-informed about the positives of technology, they are often unaware of its dangers Look at your phone bill. Monitor with KidGuard.

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Of course, not every parent allows mobile phone use. But, the trend towards having tech-savvy children is on a definite upwards swing [ The best time to have the conversation about monitoring is when you give your child access to a phone. Whenever a child is given a device, some rules and boundaries should be set.

If you have decided to give your child a phone, you can explain to them how the phone works, what they are allowed to do with it, when they are allowed to use it, and what you have set up on the device that allows you to monitor their activities. If your child has been begging you for a phone for ages and you have finally relented, you can make monitoring of text messages a condition of allowing them to have the phone.

Try to give your child as much information as possible without scaring them too much!

Text Message Spy: How to spy on text messages

Tell them about some of the the things they might have to deal with once they have a phone and access to text messaging. Younger children might simply need to know that sometimes text messaging is used to bully or for strangers to get information about them.

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Older children and teenagers should be given a more detailed picture of the inherent dangers and how they might inadvertently become a victim. The features depend on the type and method you use to spy on the other phone. Parenting is not an easy task especially if you have wild teenagers in the house.

You may want to know who they are talking or texting with as well as their other online activities. As someone said, better be safe than sorry. The SMS spy app will help to detect any leakage of company data by employees.

How to protect children online and in the real world

If you suspect your spouse or partner of infidelity, you could use a phone spy app to track their activities and confirm your suspicions. The app will track their text messages, calls, and even their location history via GPS. There are many other uses of phone spy apps. You could even use it to pull a prank on close friends just for fun. This is by far the easiest, fastest, and free phone spying method.


One of the popular online spy tools so far is iSpy. Start using. From your browser From anywhere, from a phone, a computer, or a tablet.

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Free You can test full functionality on a free subscription. Simple to use Installing an application on a tracked phone is child's play. Download Download and install application on tracked phone! Used worldwide.

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Call logs Collects records of incoming and outgoing phone call logs with phone number, date and time calls were made and length of calls. Text messages Collects records of incoming and outgoing SMS messages within phone number, date and time. How to start?

Three quick steps 1 Download application directly on tracked phone. Read this if you need help.