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OxFossil Badges: Report 10 months ago 3. I'd suggest you think a little bit more about what would be in her interests, rather than being preoccupied by your own feelings of "weird"-ness. As you know, people often do not want others to know about their sexual orientation because they fear the consequences.

They might be cut off from family, friends and other support. They might be thrown out of home; it might jeopardise relationships and employment. By "outing" your cousin, you may now have exposed her to all these risks. I'd suggest the first thing is to tell her what you have done so that she is able to think about how she can deal with the likely consequences.

And offer her your support. Badges: Report 10 months ago 4. OP your thread is in the debate section and i think you're just looking for advice, so i moved it to Advice on everyday issues.

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Last edited by Joleee; 10 months ago. Claire Badges: Report 10 months ago 5. Original post by Anam. I found out that my cousin was a lesbian when I was using her laptop to do my homework.

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I took a picture of the messages on my phone and showed my closest friend and my twin sister. Because of this he was sent to the hospital to stay for a month. I wished I never looked through her messages. Guys help me what should I do?!!! Andrew97 Badges: Report 10 months ago 6. Let alone messaging your family behind her back. Disgusting behaviour. Last edited by Andrew97; 10 months ago.

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Tootles Badges: Report 10 months ago 7. Report 10 months ago 8. Sorry, but what made you think you had the right to "out" her to anyone?

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Sexuality is such a difficult thing to deal with, and she obviously doesn't feel able to share it, or she would have. Telling people things like that can have implications, and I expect it will spread now. Times are changing for the better and about time, too but that's not to say that it will be easy for her to come out.

She will be worried about telling her parents and about her wider network finding out. Instead of gossiping you should have spoken to her about it and offered your support in what will be a difficult time for her. It's not up to you to feel weird about her sexuality, it doesn't affect you. I understand that your culture might make things more complicated, but with that being the case I find it even worse that you chose to go spreading it, when you know full well that people may disapprove.

Do everyone a favour and mind your own business. I can't stand people who gossip, it's just wrong, and can have devastating consequences in some situations.

Selena Gomez Just Stepped Out for Her Cousin's Wedding Looking Amazing

Anonymous 1. Report 10 months ago 9. You need apologise to your cousin for the turmoil you caused, and for thinking you had the right to snoop into her private life, and even worse, make it public. Then you need to consider how attacked she must feel over having to focus on your own feelings rather than her own. What you did was disrespectful as because of being outing her brother is now in hospital, your mother and others had access to messages that were made public absent consent and in the mist of all the chaos, not once did anyone stop to check on her rather than be shocked and alienate her.

Bio 7 Badges: Report 10 months ago You should tell her what you did and then mind your own business. Nobody needs someone to decide who knows what about them. I feel sorry that your cousin has the misfortune of being related to you. In what world is it okay to snoop through someone's private messages, take photos of said messages and then share them amongst other family members and friends just so you can get a kick out of circulating a bit of gossip that has absolutely nothing to do with you?

What your cousin does in her private life doesn't concern you at all, you've got to be a bit of a freak to be so bothered about someone else's sexuality.

I wouldn't be surprised if you cousin cuts you off completely, it's the least she deserves. Last edited by bones-mccoy; 10 months ago.

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At her cousin's wedding today, Selena showed up looking amazing and every bit as glamorous as usual. Selena was the maid of honor at the ceremony today for her cousin Priscilla DeLeon's wedding to Jay Cosme, which took place in Midlothian, Texas. All of the bridesmaids wore black, and Sel opted for a long, off-the-shoulder black gown with a thigh slit. While Selena didn't post and photos from the wedding herself yet!

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It looks like Selena was having a blast with her family and friends:. IG tmarie my cowboy and my princess pic.

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Some bits of Selena's maid of honor speech were also captured, and Selena can be heard telling her cousin Priscilla, "You taught me how to be strong," and also telling the couple, "I pray for you guys all the time. And even though Selena obviously looks gorgeous in these photos, in an interview a couple of months ago, she talked about how she doesn't like to focus on her looks too much. The Russian Embassy has "kindly offered me their assistance," she said, but adding that she doesn't want any help from them now and will contact them if she changes her mind.

Russian officials have spoken publicly about their requests for access to Yulia Skripal in the days and weeks after the attack -- and about their offers of help since she regained consciousness. In a tweet on Tuesday, the Russian embassy in the UK asked for "urgent proof that what is being done to her is done on her own free will. Skripal, 33, regained consciousness in late March, several weeks after the poisoning that left her and her father, former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, 66, in critical condition. The pair were found slumped on a bench in Salisbury -- where Sergei Skripal lived -- on March 4 after being exposed to military-grade nerve agent novichok, according to British authorities.

Russian envoy requests meeting with UK foreign secretary over poisoning row. The UK government blames Russia for the attack, but Moscow has denied any involvement.

Yulia Skripal says she is recovering but disoriented